Great places to relax and shop

Grevayne has an extensive portfolio of high-quality commercial investments in prime locations which partly derived from its retained developments with tenants to include World of Ceramic Tiles, Magenta Wallpapers, Tailors Restaurant. Our policy is also to encourage interesting owner run businesses and start-ups where we enjoy seeing the successes of Masala Knights and Le Raj Spice and most recently Refill Box, The Perfect Pour, Honey Pot Coffee and A fine Tattoo. We also have long term tenants to Setsquare Creative Solutions Ltd and independent restaurant chains like the Peach Pub Company and fashion retailers Nuha Fashions.

Abbey End image

Abbey End, Kenilworth

Luxury apartments and destination eateries, in the centre of this historic Warwickshire town.

Shrieves Walk image

Shrieves Walk, Stratford upon Avon

A bijou retail and office development in the very heart of Stratford upon Avon; it comprises 9 small shops and 4000 sq ft of office space. Previous winner of Stratford upon Avon Town Council’s best floral display award.